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Our history....

  Started in 1989, Arcatian Farms, stood SBR Angelo, a 1976 blue roan spotted Appaloosa stallion who became the foundation of its sport horse breeding/showing program.  Crossed with Thoroughbred and Trakehner mares, the plan produced winning premium foals that were registered ApHC, ApHSA, Oldenburg, and won USDF Sport Horse Breeding awards.  In 2000, Arnold, the homebred Trakehner stallion was approved by the American Trakehner Association and the Rheinland-Pfalz-Saar registries.  Arnold completed his ATA performance requirements competing in the 2004 Rancho Murieta Recognized Fall Horse Trials.  Shown dressage and winning at recognized USDF/CDS shows, Arnold was retired in 2008.  Instead of breeding and training horses, Arcatian Farms is now  happily  raising Dorper sheep and Angus cattle with the help of Bucky and Angel (Australian Shepherds) and Chuck (Border Collie).

  And, we always find time to wash and repair blankets.  It's the great customers, friends and family members who have made this business special and we hope to continue for a long time!


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